Sunday, October 28, 2012

Problems of Traditional Event Marketing and Finding Alternative Solutions

Traditional event marketing methods have taken a backseat. Organizations using traditional event marketing strategies are left behind in terms of products sale and acquiring new customers. In spite of spending millions of dollars on advertising, companies are not being able to generate effective leads as expected or converting them into loyal consumers.

Problems Faced Due to Traditional Event Marketing

Time Consuming

You need to have timelines in place to plan and design campaigns on how to market your products and services via newspapers, magazines, on television, and radio. Online marketing also takes some planning time; however, in comparison to traditional means, it is much less.

Quite Costly

Newspapers adverts are quiet an expensive investment and often you need to buy such ad space in bulk in order to get competitive rates. Television ad space is another high-priced domain; only the very best of organizations generating significant returns on investment choose to go with this medium. No Customization Option

You cannot suddenly customize an event campaign on a newspaper or magazine once it is printed. The only option you have is to write fresh and updated content and submit it to the newspaper agency to get it printed on the next issue.

The Solution

Online marketing methods are becoming increasingly popular day by day simply because they are much more user-friendly that allows you to promote events and activities within a shorter time span. Let's look at the benefits of online event marketing.

Takes Less Publication Time

You want to display an event campaign on Facebook within an hour. You can actually do it in minutes! You create the campaign and post it on your Facebook profile page and also on the relevant "Groups" pages if you feel like. The campaign gets live instantly and millions of people can view it anytime once they start browsing the site.


You don't have to pay for your promotional materials. You can open accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for free to starting posting your upcoming event schedules, past event photos, and video clips. You can create a blog to regularly post events or industry related interesting articles, website links, event registration details, etc. to attract the attention of blog readers and ensure that they turn out to be loyal customers over time.

Easily Customize Published Information

Whether you have published the event information on your website, on social media pages, on blogs or on wikis, you can at edit, update or remove the minutest of details almost instantly. You don't have to depend on third parties to get it done; you can do it yourself, 24 hours a day and from any place in the world having access to the internet.

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